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199 Contiguous River Miles

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The Sheyenne River Water Trail is in the process of becoming a Nationally delegated Water Trail. With 199 contiguous river miles from the north end of Lake Ashtabula to the east end of the Sheyenne National Grassland, the river trail caters to ever level kayaker and canoer!

At the completion of the water trail construction, there will be primitive, modern, and ADA landings along the river ranging from 1 - 8 hour paddle times. 

Amenities along the water trail include camping, dining, hiking, hotels, parks, restrooms, and more. 


Understanding River Conditions

Current streamflow information can be accessed at:


The below Streamflow from the Baldhill Dam will indicate these conditions along most of the river:

  • 100 cubic feet per second or below-The river will be very low with many sand/gravel bars exposed. Paddling may be challenging at many locations

  • 100-300 cubic feet per second-The river will be navigable in most areas with a few obstacles exposed.

  • 300-1000 cubic feet per second-This is the optimal paddling flow along the Sheyenne.

  • 1000-2000 cubic feet per second-Use caution at flows this high. Current will be fast and many shoreline areas will be inundated with trees and logs becoming hazards along the edges.

  • Over 2000 cubic feet per second-DANGER-current will be very fast with debris in the river. Paddlers should avoid paddling in flows this high along the Sheyenne.

Sheyenne River Water Trail

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